Flippy: 101 Week Frosh Drone

Flippy the drone is a hexacopter capable of carrying a 360 camera rig. The 360 camera rig holds 6 GoPros.

Flippy was developed over the summer of 2016 for the 101 week held at the University of Ottawa.

The purpose of flippy was to help promote robotics and help us gain more experience during the 101 week and to inspire the incoming engineering students to learn more about robotics.

Over the last couple months, the Ottabotics team has been building a hexacopter with spherical video capture capabilities to promote the club during uOttawa’s 101 week.

Flippy consists of an aluminium body, a six GoPro array to capture immersive 360-degree video. It is also equipped with various boards such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, inertial measurement units, infrared and ultrasonic distance sensors, GPS, and altitude sensors.
Aside from filming 360-degree video for events, the drone also serves as preparation for national and international drone competitions.

During the testing phases, the original aluminium arms proved to be very flimsy due to not being resistant to torquinal forces

Thus, the design for a modular, 3D printer arm was born.

These new arms reduce flex and twist, adding a lot of stability to the drone
2 layer directions were experimented with, due to the nature of 3D printing.
The modular design allows for more efficient printing process
Any printed section is fit to be a body connection, a middle section or to house the motor