University of Ottawa RoboBoat Team

A division of Ottabotics, uOttawa's Robotics Team

About the Team

The uOttawa RoboBoat team is a division of Ottabotics, the University of Ottawa's robotics club. RoboBoat is one of three international competition teams operating under Ottabotics.

RoboBoat is an international maritime competition hosted by RoboNation and sponsored by AUVSI that involves designing and deploying an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) that must complete a challenging multi-stage course. The course is designed to simulate the next generation of problems facing the world of automation as it breaks the threshold into naval architecture and marine engineering. Some of the tasks that are being simulated are made to represent the next steps in autonomous navigation, port security, docking, topographical oceanic surveying, search and rescue, and more.

The team was formed in late 2016, shortly after Ottabotics was founded. As this would be the first time Ottabotics (or any University of Ottawa team) would compete in the RoboBoat competition, the vehicle had to be designed from the ground up. After months of research, reviewing previous teams' journal papers, and simulations, a comprehensive vehicle started to take shape.

As work continued, the team started to gain momentum, drawing in more interested students and attention from faculty members.

Today, the uOttawa RoboBoat team is proud to be supported by over 35 active members split between three subteams (see Team Organization), several professors and graduate students, and sponsors from all over North America.

We will be competing for the first time in South Daytona, FL, June 2018. Our current design timeline puts a completed vehicle within reach by March of 2018. This will be the first time a Canadian team has attended the competition in over 10 years.